Women & Vision

Women and Vision is a film that was made as part of the exhibition “Just One Look” which was held in conjunction with the conference Visions: Feminism and Classics VII held at the University of Washington and sponsored by the University of Washington’s Department of Classics.

Information about the conference can be found here: https://classics.washington.edu/events/2016-05-19/visions-feminism-and-classics-vii

The film is a collection of short videos made by more than 50 women from all over the globe using their smart phones. The women were contacted both through personal connections and through social media.  They were asked to state their name, where they lived and to answer the question “What do you see?”  The women were told that they could describe what they saw physically or metaphysically.  The videos were curated, but not edited. Their collective visions make an interesting picture of what a diverse group of women were thinking before the 2016 presidential election.