Visual Art

Kimisha Turner Studios

Washington native and Cornish College Alum, Kimisha Turner creates work influencing self-reflection, empowerment and social awareness. Graduating with a B. A. in Fine Arts with an emphasis in printmaking and photography, it’s no surprise that her work varies in application and medium on a regular basis. It is common for her to learn a new medium in order to properly convey her conceptual vision. From photography to mosaic, wood carving to paint, performance art to printmaking, she is truly invested in being a well-rounded “creator”.

Common Area Maintenance

common AREA maintenance is a gallery and open format generative studio designed to offer collaborative work and exhibition space in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. Started in 2015 with generous community support, CAM aimed to provide affordable studios to artists at a time when Seattle was undergoing rapid changes that threatened the landscape of art spaces in the city. So they took up residence downtown in the ruins of an appliance repair shop and built a space where artists can incubate ideas and develop their practices among peers.