Non-profit Videography

Trial & Error provides high-quality videography services to nonprofits at no cost to these organizations. We create films that inform and engage the general public about the crucial work these nonprofits do in their communities. We are proud to support these organizations; their websites are included below if you are moved to support them as well! 

Interview: Amontaine Aurore & Ameenah Kaplan

For the ACTLocal Playwright Series

Join Amontaine Aurore as she takes us inside her new work The Ever Expanding Moment in this conversation with special guest  moderator Ameenah Kaplan (director of The Royale on ACT’s Mainstage, 2016).

About ACT

ACT was founded in the summer of 1965 by Gregory A. Falls (1922-1997), head of the University of Washington’s theater department at the time. ACT is a contemporary theatre where artistic ambition and civic engagement unite. ACT envisions a world where the power of theatre expands our collective understanding of community and our own humanity.

Visit ACT’s website

Interview: Taylor Farley

For LGBTQ Allyship

Taylor Farley of LGBTQ Allyship discusses Allyship’s work to ensure the LGBTQ+ community isn’t forgotten in the COVID-19 crisis.

About Allyship

LGBTQ Allyship builds power among LGBTQ communities and allies in Washington State to work towards economic, racial, and gender justice. We do this through community organizing, education, advocacy, and developing grassroots leadership in solidarity with other marginalized communities.

Visit Allyship’s website

Milvia Pacheco for Communities Rise 2022 Voices Virtual Fundraiser

For Communities Rise

Milvia Pacheco performs excerpts from two of her poems: Km 0 and Lengua Marron featuring afro-venezuelan beat “culo e’puya”. Performed in Spanish with Spanish and English captions. 

About Communities Rise

Communities Rise fosters movements to build power in communities impacted by systemic oppression. To create an equitable system, we pursue cross-sector collaboration, and provide capacity building and legal services for community organizations and small businesses. 

Visit Communities Rise’s website

Our Mission

For Mother Africa

Executive Director Risho Sapano and other Mother Africa employees give an overview of the organization’s mission and programs.

About Mother Africa

The mission of Mother Africa is to support African refugee and immigrant women and their families to reach their highest potential. We are committed to leadership building, advocacy and community action to reduce barriers to healthcare, education, safety and economic independence while fostering a comfortable space to celebrate our cultures, our families, and our growth.

Visit Mother Africa’s website

Covid-19 Vaccine Awareness Campaign (in Spanish with Spanish captions)

For Alimentando al Pueblo

Community member Sandra Simarra speaks about how the pandemic impacted her and her experience with the vaccine. 

About Alimentando al Pueblo

Alimentando al Pueblo promotes healing through comunidad, comida, and celebración.

Visit Alimentando al Pueblo’s website

Inside Your Library interview with Collection Manager Helen Gutierrez

For Seattle Public Library Foundation

SPLF Board Vice President Justo Gonzalez interviews Helen Gutierrez, Collection Manager for the Seattle Public Library. 

About the Seattle Public Library Foundation

The Seattle Public Library Foundation invests in innovative programs that help The Seattle Public Library achieve its service priorities, including:

  • Building new and revitalized libraries in every neighborhood
  • Programming for children, teens and adults
  • Books and resources, including funding for special collections
  • Services for those with needs, such as persons with disabilities, immigrants and refugees
  • Technology resources for library patrons

Visit SPLF’s website

30 Stories for 30 Years

For Neighbor to Neighbor

Learn about 30 of the hundreds of organizations Neighbor to Neighbor has funded over the years and their visions for the future they are building together. 

About Neighbor to Neighbor

Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) is a grant administered by the Seattle Foundation that supports grassroots efforts that increase engagement, power and influence of community members affected by poverty and racial disparities.

Visit Neighbor to Neighbor’s website

South Seattle Emerald 8th Anniversary Keynote with Marcus Green

For South Seattle Emerald

A video of SSE’s founder, Marcus Green, giving the keynote speech to help celebrate the SSE’s 8th birthday celebration, their “Ripples and Sparks at Home” event. 

About South Seattle Emerald

The South Seattle Emerald is a news organization dedicated to “amplify[ing] the authentic narrative of South Seattle.”

Visit the South Seattle Emerald’s website

New Avenue Café

For New Avenue Foundation

Jim Wurster, co-founder of the Foundation, invites the community to visit the Foundation’s Café to support people with disabilities and enjoy different activities hosted there.

View audio/visual transcript for the New Avenue Café video.

About the New Avenue Foundation

New Avenue Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to expand social skills and bring employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Visit New Avenues Café’s website