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When a Tree Falls

Rocky Styles wants to be put on the Endangered Species List. After all, they did it for the Spotted Owl, which is all anyone in her Washington logging town talks about anymore. She doesn’t know how much longer she can survive in this town or in a family she has been carrying on her 17-year-old shoulders. But when a stranger arrives, Rocky wonders if this may be her opportunity to escape imminent extinction.

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Don’t Call it a Riot

In Don’t Call it a Riot!, local playwright – and 2019 Emerald Prize finalist – Amontaine Aurore explores the history of Seattle activism from the height of the city’s 1960s Black Panther Party to the 1999 WTO protests while uncovering the toll that a commitment to social justice can take on the day-to-day lives of activists. The play’s limited-run debut led R. Barron of Seattle Gay Scene to write, “As playwright, Aurore deftly wove activism and values playing both in the streets and in living rooms.”

Don’t Call it a Riot! focuses on Reed, a 20-year-old college student who is expecting her first baby while also being an active member of Black Panther Party. The story explores the effect that fighting for liberation has on the foundations of her home life and follows the character’s 31-year journey to discovering the forces responsible for the turmoil that challenged the Black Panther party and at the root of a dream deferred.

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Crumbs / Migas – with ACTLocal Live

Written by Rebecca Tourino Collinsworth

In a fictional Latin American country, two hungry children are orphaned by a U.S. backed coup. Fifteen years later, they return, a modern-day Hansel and Gretel, to follow what migas they can in search of their father. Delivered through compact and electric dialogue, and leavened with compassion and even humor, Crumbs / Migas is a play about the grief and grace we encounter on the way home.

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Everyone Wants To Love Your Beating Heart 

Written by Stacy D. Flood

Everyone Wants to Love Your Beating Heart is about overcoming isolation using the songs of Temple of the Dog as a jumping-off point for exploring our connection to music despite time and distance. The characters alternately relate and repel as they consider the songs they all know and love in the space music creates. The cast includes Joe Glass, Christopher Martinez, Sarah Lockard, Garrett Dill, Liz Vital, and Bjorn A. Whitney, working from their living rooms across the country.

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The Ever Expanding Moment

Written by Amontaine Aurore

Victor Lane has just died. If that realization hasn’t shocked him enough, the first person he meets on the Other Side is Jamahl King, the young Black man he shot and killed last year while on police duty. For his part, Jamahl has no clue as to how or why he’s suddenly in a room in the Afterlife with the cop that snuffed out his young life. It soon becomes clear that they are locked up together in a place with no discernible escape route. Then… the movie of their lives on earth begins to play.

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The Last Drive to Dodge

Written by Andrew Lee Creech

1884. Tensions run high as the Bailey Family Ranch prepares for the annual cattle drive. When a figure from the past returns, and the cowboys go on strike, life on the open range threatens to change forever. Set at the tail end of the Cowboy Golden Age, Last Drive to Dodge examines race, love, and legacy in a time when everyone is scrambling for their piece of the American Dream.

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