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Attention: Astonishing People is a web series that highlights remarkable people, wherever they may be found. Some wow us with their innovative art. Others dream up inventive visions, then build the grit and skill to realize their ideas. Still others are amazing in the most everyday of ways. But all are astonishing, and all deserve acknowledgment.

We at A:AP believe that extraordinary people are all around us, and they’re not always in the news! We seek to honor the creativity, ingenuity, and originality of astonishing people everywhere.

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Read more about our first series highlighting the making of the play, Don’t Call it a Riot, or our second series highlighting the dance show Silk Routes, and the dancers that performed.

The Making of Don’t Call it a Riot

This segment of Attention: Astonishing People presents the making of Don’t Call It a Riot, a play written and directed by Amontaine Aurore, which will appear at the 12th Avenue Arts theater in Seattle in the spring of 2019. The play addresses the history of activism in Seattle from the Black Panthers through the WTO protests of 1999.

Series Episodes

Episode 1: Amontaine Aurore, Actor, Playwright, Director | Episode 2: Inspiration | Episode 3: The Cast of Don’t Call it a Riot | Episode 4: Taking the Show on the Road | Episode 5: Designing the Set with Parmida Ziaei | Episode 6: The Crew of Don’t Call it a Riot | Episode 7: Music, Marketing, and Publicity | Episode 8: From Opening to Close

Silk Routes: a Celebration of Cross-Cultural Dance

This segment of Attention: Astonishing People presents the Silk Routes: a Celebration of Cross-Cultural Dance, which appeared at the Jewel Box at the Rendezvous in Seattle in September 2019. The show presented Indian, Iranian, and Egyptian dances, showcasing the incredible diversity of dance traditions within each of these countries as well as celebrating dance as the universal language.

Series Episodes

Episode 1: What is Silk Routes? | Episode 2: Preparing for the Show | Episode 3: Indian Dance | Episode 4: Iranian Dance | Episode 5: Egyptian Dance