New Avenue Cafe

A sign reads: Coffee and kindness, we serve both! A man hands a plate of food to a child. A little girl hugs a teddy bear. Kids and adults sit and talk in the cafe.

Jim: When customers come to that cafe, we greet them with kindness and we welcome them to our establishment to have a good time, enjoy great food and meet friends.

Jim Wurster stands in the cafe and addresses the camera. Text: Co-founder, New Avenue Foundation.

Jim: My name is Jim Wurster, I’m one of the main managers here at the New Avenue Cafe.

A wall displays assorted musical instruments. Signs under the instruments read “Llanerch” and “Oakmont.” The interior of the cafe.

Jim: Our nonprofit, New Avenue Foundation created this café as a way to help in our mission, “Help create more meaningful lives for people with disabilities, through social and employment initiatives.”

A sign reads: We appreciate your patience while we train our volunteers/employees. Thank you, New Avenue Cafe. Photos of people smiling. A man pours a cup of coffee and hands it to a customer. Patrons sit in the cafe. Jim addresses the camera.

Jim: When we started the cafe, we really didn’t know what we were getting into but because of my daughter who has autism, we decided that we needed to create something for our adult kids.

Text: Ken Hawthorne, Volunteer. Ken addresses the camera.

Ken: I help out with the coffee and stuff. I fill bags with coffee, coffee beans.

Text: Tony Lemieur, Volunteer. Tony addresses the camera and smiles.

Tony: And once a month, I do inventory so that’s fun.

Ken addresses the camera.

Ken: It’s a laid back place and it’s a real fun atmosphere.

Jim addresses the camera.

Jim: Over the years, we’ve created social venues for families and caregivers.

Tony sits in the cafe and addresses the camera.

Tony: So this is a place to get out, be with other people. I made friends that I can talk about things that I can’t talk with other people about.

He shrugs.

Jim addresses the camera.

Jim: We make… Most of our friends, at least 50% of them, through the jobs that we have and our kids who don’t get the opportunity to have jobs really miss out on making friends. So this is near and dear to my heart. Be kind in them, be kinder and help us continue to grow the cafe and continue to fulfill our mission.

A photo of a smiling woman.

Text on screen: New Avenue Cafe at the Kelly Center for Music Arts and Community. Donate Visit us: 4 Eagle Rd, Havertown PA 19083.

Produced by Trial and Error Productions.